Mobilizing Mozilla

Based on our content priorities the theme will be “Mobilize Mozilla” in order to both reinforce the strategic importance of our efforts in the mobile market as well as the ambitious goals we’ve set forth for our community to accomplish this year. – MozCamp Warsaw 2012.

If you don’t know yet (shame on you) Firefox for Android is available for some time, but recently it got an update that made it really fast, attractive by design and smart. Of course, even safer and more privacy caring software.

As a Mozillian, I wanted to do something for Mozilla that could push their mission. I read a post about Firefox for Android Community Campaign Challenge by Gen Kanai and Sam Mott and I made a move.

I came on idea about posting posters on public places where people pass by so they can see the poster and eventually download Firefox.

As I’m pretty much a noob at drawing or designing something, but I had this idea in my head and I didn’t knew how to put that idea in Photoshop.

So I talked to my friend Aleksandra, who is a long time Firefox user, and I remember that she had some experience in “PS stuff”. First, she thought that you have to be a C++ guru in order to contribute to Mozilla, but I proved her wrong. 🙂

So I told her about Firefox for Android campaign and she was willing to help out. In fact, she is now a Mozillian and Mozilla Serbia community member. 🙂

I passed her a mockup (idea from my head) done in Paint, and this is what it looked like:

Early mockup

Yes, laugh at my inability to use Paint too. 🙂

After few changes and suggestions from Aleksandra, Matej Novak, Sam Mott and Sean Martell, final design was this:

Final version in Serbian

Poster was localized in two languages Serbian and Hungarian (thanks to Kalman Kemenczy).

Since poster design was finished, we had to find attractive locations where a lot of people pass by, so we can put these posters.

We picked few open spaces, well actually bus stops. 🙂 We also picked few closed spaces; schools and universities.

Open vs closed

Open spaces are cool, everyone can see it but there are few risks. People may rip up posters, or weather can ruin it (even on covered bus stop stations) humidity may damage them.

Closed spaces have less risk, actually only risk is that someone can rip them up.

Tracking QR codes

Every location has unique QR code that is being tracked. We shortened urls via Google Url Shortener which made QR codes easier to scan due to low density of image.  This will help us understand and learn from which locations people mostly scan QR codes, and based on that  next time we will decide where is worth to put posters and where not.


We (Dejan, Aleksandra and I) have posted few posters on open spaces (bus stops) and one in closed space (College of Applied Sciences, we will place them in other high school after winter break). And we have few more places to visit. In fact, I think that we will be more oriented in closed spaces, rather than open.  But that decision will depend if those poster “survive” open spaces or not. We will check them every week or two to see in what shape are they.

Here are few pictures from current places where we posted them:

471560_4138343382238_1163247991_o SAM_7591 SAM_7595 SAM_7596


These are few locations,  but we plan to post them on more locations, see the map with current and planned locations:

Going further with campaign

If this idea is good or not, downloads will tell. But I wanted to go even further with this, so I made a contact with manager of  Kafe Priča (The Story Cafe) and we are going to put a flyer on every table in that cafe. Since this cafe is one of the most attractive and visited cafes in this city, we have good expectations about it. I’ll make another blog post on The Story Cafe next week.

I hope that this campaign is going to be successful and that other communites can do the same or even something better learned from this test pilot study.

If you want to do this with your community, PSD is available here. If you have critics, suggestions or anything that can help, please tell us! Thanks.



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One response to “Mobilizing Mozilla”

  1. bwmk says :

    Great work by you and your team. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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