Occupy campus!

As we (Serbian Mozilla community) continue with our events, last Friday we attended to Campus Festival (Kampus fest) in Novi Sad.

Novi Sad is known as “students city) because of large number of universities and faculties.

Kampus fest took a place inside campus area and students village on 10th – 13th of October.

So we (Aleksa, Boris, Anita and me) went to Novi Sad, placed our Mozilla both there and welcomed people who came to our booth asking “what is this?” . 🙂

At first, people were confused with “what is Mozilla doing here?”, and one on frequent questions was “is swag for free?” .

As they were coming with questions, we gave them answers and swag! 🙂

We also got two potential volunteers who signed on Get Involved page. 🙂

more pictures can be found here (or here) and here.

We had flyers in plan to giveaway on event, but we didn’t had time to finish them. I believe that with flyers we could avoid hesitation to come over to our booth and ask questions and take swag. Which a lot of people did. Some of them passed few times before they stopped and asked. 🙂

Last minute swag

We had three days to choose on which one we should attend, but sadly we had to wait for customs to release our package (promotional merchandise yay!) and it was in last minute!

They released our package on Friday (13th of October) just an hour before we went to Novi Sad.

But it’s better that we got it, rather than cancelling event.

Bad weather

Problem with swag is not the only thing that tried to stop us, there was a possibility that it’s going to be a rainy day. Luckily it started to rain when it was our time to go home. 🙂

Still learning, baby steps

From this event, and the ones in past, we are learning what we should improve, what we should organize better and what we should do earlier (example is customs) . So I believe that next events can only get better, because we are learning from mistakes that we did before.

Occupy campus!

I must say, that organizers did a great job even if this is their first time. Kampus fest was a great idea, and I’m glad that we were a part of it.

There were a lot of people, but they said that Friday was actually day when most of students go home, and I regret that we couldn’t come on Wednesday, but it was still good.

For next year, they are going to move it for warmer period (somewhere around May), which is a great decision given to bad weather during October.

So yes, we’re ready to occupy campus next year – again! 🙂


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