Software Freedom Day – Serbia

Last year I read an article that criticized people from FLOSS communities because they haven’t organized Software Freedom Day in Serbia.

As I like critics, I started to think about organizing SFD event in Serbia. So as months have been passing, I dint do anything about (I guess I forgot about it), and just about 20 days before September 15th, I realized that nothing has been done for organization.

So I quickly wrote a post on Ubuntu Serbia forum, and invited all people (other communities) to participate in organization of event.

Response was great, we had about 10-12 communities and individuals (on some FLOSS projects) that wanted to participate.

So in those 20 days, we have organized an event, that turned out to be great a event. 🙂

Event was on Saturday, September 15th in  O3ONE (Ozon) gallery, Belgrade.

Even  if our marketing wasn’t that much aggressive about event, around 70~ people showed up, making Ozon gallery full. 🙂

More pictures can be found here, here, here and even video from event can be found here. 🙂

Participants were: LUGoNS, Slackware, Mint, Ubuntu – Serbia, Mozilla Serbia, LibreOffice Serbia, LiBRE team, Solaris project team and few others that even they didn’t had presentations, they were supporting our event.

We started at 1pm, and ended at 6pm, which was in my opinion too much. I think maximum should be around 3 hours, but it’s okay for the first time. 🙂

As for our community, Boris, Aleksa and me talked about Firefox OS, Persona, Thunderbird, Mozilla and Web challenges, and it seemed that Firefox OS was most interesting presentation, and people were really curious about it. Too bad that we didn’t had a device with Firefox OS to show it around. 😦 Dejan was also at event. 🙂

On the event, we had a small table where we placed our swag (others did too), and after event, there were about 30 (of 250) stickers, and about 20 bracelets (of 100) from our swag. Badges and lanyards were gone! 🙂

Photo by goldie021

On event, I met bunch of people, talked with them, shared ideas and had a good time.

One thing that was interesting to me was a girl who is working in a supermarket near Ozon gallery, she had Mozilla Firefox lanyard with keys. I wonder where  did she got that lanyard. 🙂

Also, interested and really amazing thing was a 7 years old kid, who talked about FLOSS at the beginning. 🙂

I’m happy that this event happened, and I promise that next year, we are going to have better, FLOSS information richer and more organized Software Freedom Day.

We had good things, and some mistakes – and we’re learning and like I said, I like critics, so I can make it better next time. 🙂


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